3 Ways to Stage Myrtle Beach Homes on a Budget

Myrtle Beach HomesWhen most people think of home staging they typically picture an empty home being decorated by an interior designer with fancy couches, trendy end-tables, and matching throw pillows. However, “home staging” is really just a term that describes the process of preparing a house to be marketed. Staging a home is no different putting a product on display at retail store; the aim is to put your best foot forward.

Staging a home doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank and moving all of your belongings out.  Here are 3 simple things that anyone can do to increase the appeal of their home.

1) Straighten-Up and Declutter

As silly as it sounds, it’s very important to remember that you are the person selling the home, not buying it. In other words, what your personal tastes are, may not be for everyone, and that’s okay. The overall aim is to make your home as appealing to as many different kinds of people as possible. The best way to do that is make it as open and neat as possible. People like to picture their belongings in your home, the more stuff that you have laying around, the harder that is to do.  The second reason to declutter and straighten-up is that it actually makes rooms and spaces look larger. Think about it, which looks larger? A garage full of boxes and toys, or a garage with space for two cars? While you may have a larger family and need the garage for storage space, a married couple with no children may be looking for a nice spacious two-car garage. You get the idea, it’s not about you, and it’s about all about the buyers.

2) Clean, Clean, Clean

Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms are what buyers love. However, if there are dirty spaces within either of these rooms buyers can take it as a sign of what is to be expected from the rest of the house. Not only does a clean house appear more open and spacious, it gives a certain indication to buyers and their agents as to how you take care of the home in general.  Serious buyers will inspect meticulously, (which is a good thing), because they are interested! What we don’t want is an interested buyer to become a grossed out and turned off buyer. Scrubbing the carpets, tiles, floors, counters, stove, toilets and tubs is absolutely essential to having a nice showing.  Cleaning and decluttering go hand in hand to create a great image for a prospective buyer.

3) Employ Aromatherapy

One of the easiest and fairly inexpensive ways to enhance the showing experience is to create a nice aroma in the home. I have heard of people baking cookies, lighting candles that smell like pie, baking pies, all sorts of great and affordable tricks to make the home smell fantastic. This of course can be a double edged sword, it is very important to have a pleasant smell, but not so intense that people are stifled by it. One aroma therapist suggest the you simply boil a pot of water and drop some essential oils scents (orange peel, cinnamon, vanilla,) down in there. As the steam rises it will spread out throughout the house and provide an underlying and more subtle smell than that of an aerosol can.

While spending money on expensive interior decorators and large brand staging has been proven effective. There are plenty of cost effective and simple things that we can all do to increase the likelihood of our house being sold, and at Axelrod Realty Inc., selling Myrtle Beach homes is what we do!